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Welcome to the National Association Department Historians American Legion


Historians are responsible for history. This Association is a voluntary union of American Legion National and Department Historians and Past National and Department Historians desiring to give and gain mutual aid in collecting from year to year all records and data of value and interest to and for The American Legion, National and Departmental; in the compilation during their respective term of office of complete histories of the year’s activities; for the assistance of Post Historians so as to coordinate and unify their work; for the stimulation of interest in the preparation of the Department and Post Histories; and for the increase of appreciation of importance and responsibility of the office of Historian.

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We meet at the National Historians luncheon at the National Convention and during the Fall Meetings at the National Library on the fourth floor of the National Headquarters in Indianapolis Indiana. Prior to our fall meeting, we also judge the many Post and Department History Books and Narrative Books for there respective post and Department Commanders. We assist the National Historian and National Staff when the National Commander makes an official visit to our many different Posts and Departments.